A Taste of the Forbidden (Mills & Boon Modern) (Buenos Aires Nights, Book 1)

by Carole Mortimer (Author)
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On her boss’s orders…

For her entire life, pastry chef Grace Blake has been the pinnacle of politeness. Yet less than a day into her contract with enigmatic Argentinian boss Cesar Navarro all of her good manners – and her good sense! – have flown out of the window. Cesar’s got his sexy little spitfire of a chef right where he wants her – in his penthouse, at his command!

He knows his staff should be off-limits, but Grace has tantalised his jaded palate, and Cesar finds himself ordering something new from the menu – a taste of the forbidden…

‘It is always a pleasure to read a Carole Mortimer novel with her spunky heroines and macho heroes. Very humorous and always great fun!’ – Victoria, Retired, Belfast

Publication date
April 01, 2013
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