LAND 25. A Tribute to Italian Landscape

LAND 25. A Tribute to Italian Landscape

by Andreas Kipar (Author), Giovanni Sala (Author), Land (Author)
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For 25 years the LAND studio has promoted a project for the Landscape - in its fullest and culturally richest sense - in both Italy and Europe.

In primis its founders, Andreas Kipar and Giovanni Sala, have introduced a vision of the “Landscape” that is not the two-dimensional scenic, picturesque curtain in a postcard image, nor the badly treated residue of uncontrolled anthropization of the territory.

Contrary to an interpretation of the Landscape that is all too often reduced to a passive backdrop for economic, social and urban events, LAND interprets it with an active and productive connotation, capturing the complexities and stratifications accumulated over time.

Luca Molinari

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April 20, 2015
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