Gabriel's Angel

by Mark A Radcliffe (Author)
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Tender astute and very, very funny.' Christopher Brookmyre. Gabriel Bell is a grumpy 44 - year old web journalistirritated by the accumulating disappointments in life. He and his girlfriend Ellie want to start a family, but Gabriel has so few sperm he can name them and knit them flippers. So it's IVF, which is expensive. Losing his job was bad enough, but getting run over and waking up to find himself in a therapy group run by angels really annoys him. In Gabreils' group are a professional killer and his last victim, as well as the woman whose car put Gabriel and herself in a coma. From this therapeutic community, just below Heaven, they can see the lives of those they have left behind and how they cope. Will the one hit wonder resurrect his Eighties band for a reunion tour? And can Ellie and her friends retrieve what they need from gabriel's body, so that she at least can finish what they started? If the group do well in the therapy thay may be allowed to pass inot Heaven, or go back to Earth to finish their lives. If nit, it's Hell. Or worse, more therapy.

Publication date
November 08, 2013
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