The Farris Channel

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The multi-generation saga of the founding of the legendary House of Zeor, that began with Rimon Farris's story in First Channel (Sime~Gen, Book Three), continued with the story of Rimon's son, Zeth Farris, Channel's Destiny (Sime~Gen, Book Five), now culminates with the story of Zeth's son, Del Rimon Farris, in The Farris Channel (Sime~Gen, Book Twelve). The Sime~Gen Series is the story of the House of Zeor, an institution that spans thousands of years and shapes human future history. The power behind its longevity and success is the love of two Souls who meet lifetime after lifetime, in tragedy and triumph, amidst an ever-growing cadre of friends, enemies, and supporters. But like real people everywhere, few of these Souls have any inkling of what they did to deserve their fates--or what to do to make things better. The greatest among them can only guess--and pay the price for their actions. Here is the price that Del Rimon Farris pays to convey his vision to his future descendants. A fantastic new entry in a bestselling science-fantasy series!

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January 19, 2012
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