Coach Black (Interracial Cheating Erotica)

Coach Black (Interracial Cheating Erotica)

by Trevon Carter (Author)
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The Dixville Bulls are the pride of a small football town. Jen, the volleyball coach of the school celebrates a win by the Bulls and accidentally gets splashed by the football team's beverage of choice during the celebration. She decides to take a shower at the school but unfortunately for her, the women's locker room is locked. Jen uses the men's locker room instead, making sure to lock the door. Coach Black has similar plans and he has the keys to the men's locker room. Coach Black realizes Jen is in the shower and decides to show her a good time. Can Jen handle Coach Black's big black body?

Warning, this 7,640 word erotic story contains explicit scenes of interracial M/F action, and includes deep penetration between a powerful black man and a desperate white wife. Jen has the experience of a lifetime as she gets used all over the men's shower room.

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Publication date
December 09, 2016
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