Pounded By Daddy

Pounded By Daddy

by Lily Weidner (Author)
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Daddy wouldn’t let me say no! Every night all I can do is lay there, hot and wet, waiting for my perverse father to enter my room while mommy’s asleep. My little body craves what he’s about to do even if daddy sadistically likes to make me scream! Still, what happens if I can’t take daddy’s girth hard and unprotected? It’s not like I can say no, not to daddy!


Once sure he hadn’t awakened mother, my father would quietly creep down the hall to sneak into my bedroom. Without hesitation, daddy always dropped his pajama bottoms to the floor and crawled into bed beside me.

“Please Daddy, don’t do this.” My protest was always weak, barely an acknowledgment that I knew what evil was about to be done to me.

“Shhh! We don’t want to wake up mommy, now do we?” He’d whisper, his breath hot as his lips wandered to my ear.

“Daddy no, please. This is wrong; it isn’t—” My father’s firm hand would always cover my mouth then, silencing any further protest. All resistance was absolutely futile.

With his other hand, Daddy would push up the sheer nightgown covering my milky skin. Exposing my unusually large breasts for such a small girl to the room’s cool air, I’d only manage a small whimper as my father’s hand pawed at the suppleness of my youthfully generous tits. Finding my swelling nipples, Daddy pinched the puffy pink buds between his fingertips.

“That’s it, slut. Show big Daddy how much you love it when he’s good and hard.”

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January 11, 2017
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