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“It is in our own minds that adjustments need to be made. It is our thoughts that influence our state of mind. If we reason correctly and have a good outlook, a good philosophy of life, we can take charge of our own happiness. In circumstances in which others become irritated, tormenting themselves and poisoning the life of those around them, you can do the exact opposite. You can strengthen and enrich yourself. Gradually, thanks to your experiences, you will be in a position to advise or help others simply by your attitude and your radiant presence, by the power, light, and peace which emanate from you.
Be very clear about this: you must not wait passively for happiness to come to you from without. On the contrary; it is up to you to be active and to apply the methods that will enable you to change your sorrows into joy and your failures into success.”

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March 07, 2012
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