Temp Job: The First Four

Temp Job: The First Four

by Jackie Mcnab (Author)
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Kendra, Laura, Nancy, and Sasha are four girls who are all down on their luck financially. They all get calls from the Temp-tation Temp Agency and find themselves in the most compromising and humiliating positions imaginable!

Kendra is hired as a stewardess and is asked to serve a group of hot, rich men on a private jet.

Laura takes a job as a waitress in a biker bar where the job requires serving every request in a room full of rowdy bikers.

Nancy works as a receptionist in an all-male clinic where she must cater to two hot, older doctors, two sexy, young PAs and greet the incoming patients on a sybian.

Sasha spends the day assisting an incredibly cute, and sexy hot dog vendor in a secluded area of a public park - but it’s an area that gets plenty of male foot traffic.

Forced to wear humiliatingly skimpy clothing and to accommodate the desires of every member of a group of men, these women do everything they are told and beg for more!

This bundle has four different incredibly hot stories of four different sexy women, each subjected to gangbangs and public humiliation with a variety of big, hot men, in a variety of settings, and is intended for mature readers.

DRM Free
Publication date
January 18, 2017
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388 KB
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