Curvy Romance

Curvy Romance

by J.l. Ryan (Author)
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Frantic and broke, curvy girl Rachel Greene only has a couple of weeks left before her money runs out. She lives in a seedy run-down apartment building and fears for her safety every day. 

Freaking out because all of her bills are past due, she's ecstatic when she's hired by charismatic billionaire bad boy, Byron Blakemore. There's an obvious sexual attraction between them, but they're as different as night and day. She's a sweetheart, and he's a cocky bad boy. When she doesn't show any interest in him, he becomes even more obsessed with her. 

He's usually not attracted to big women, but he can't stop thinking about Rachel's mind-blowing curves. Could one shocking secret about Rachel's past make Byron lose his entire fortune, or will it be the glue that binds this rich boss and his plus-size assistant together for life?

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July 28, 2017
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