Seduced by the Sex Demon 1

Seduced by the Sex Demon 1

by Veronica Sloan (Author)
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When a magic ritual goes wrong, meek Jeffrey Corven is possessed by an unstoppable sex demon. Feeding on human lust and looking for a devilishly good time, the demon sets out to seduce every woman in Jeffrey's life. Powerless to resist Jeff's hellish mind control, they are filled with only one desire: Total submission to his lust!


"Y-yes," said Patricia. Why had she said yes? She was going to call security. Wasn't she going to call security?

"Mmm," said Jeff. "Tell me, what were your breasts like before your cosmetic surgery? Not A cups, surely. Were you not pleased with the Bs?"


"I'd like to see them," said Jeff. "Back in those dark ages of ours women used bustiers, but of course that illusion dropped once the clothes did. Do they make you feel powerful, Patricia?"

"Yes," she panted, reaching up to unbutton her blouse.

"Very good," he said. "From the dawn of mankind to its very end, the breast will forever be the bane and blessing of the male existence. But of course you're not just in it for the men, are you, Patty?"

"I..." How did he know?

"You don't like admitting your taste in women? It's part of who you are."

Her whole life she had suppressed that part of herself, that part that felt attraction for women as well as men. She thought it was weakness, but all of her sexual fantasies involved women, despite her professional desire for a strong, dominant man. As she unbuttoned her blouse, she questioned again why she allowed this madness to continue. She couldn't help herself. Just staring into Jeff's bright - and were they golden? - eyes made her lose all sense of propriety. Nervously, she glanced out the window that overlooked the entire office through half-slitted blinds.

"They...they'll see," she said.

"Indeed?" He gave the window a cursory glance. "I'm sure they're much too busy spending the company dime. But if you'd like an audience, why don't we ask Miss Jacobs to join us?"

The muscles in Patricia's arms seized up. Jasmine Jacobs was her secretary, a petite Puerto Rican girl in her early twenties. Many was the night Patricia had fantasized about grabbing the girl by her black ponytail and kissing her fulsome lips. "Jasmine?" she sputtered.

"Oh yes," said Jeff. He cracked the door and gently called, "Miss Jacobs? Your superior would like to see you, please."

Gathering a pen and a legal pad, Jasmine hurried from behind her desk and slid deftly through the open door. She squeaked when she saw Patricia and dropped the pen and pad on the carpet.

Patricia had cast her blouse and coat aside and was standing behind her desk in her lacy black bra. She had a generous bust, and her round breasts squeezed together like overripe melons. "Ms. Cunningham!" Jasmine gasped. "W-what is the meaning of this?"

"The meaning is secondary to the purpose," said Jeff, closing the door behind her. "And the purpose, is to get it on." He gently massaged the girl's shoulders. "Can you help Patricia with her bra, dear? It looks very tight."

Jasmine felt his words enter her like secret, forceful fingers. She staggered at the sudden heat that brushed her thighs. "Ahhh," she gasped. "I...I will if...if that's what Ms. Cunningham wants."

Jeff patted her bottom to get her moving toward the desk. "Pat? Were you aware that your secretary is a lesbian?"

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September 29, 2017
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