Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster

by J.l. Ryan (Author)
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Worried and broke, Shelby Watson is ecstatic when she's offered a job as a caregiver for a rich elderly woman. During the interview, however, the woman's grandson, billionaire Michael Jameson, nearly terrorizes her. He's rude, and to say that he's condescending, is an understatement.

If Shelby wasn't in a financial hole and facing homelessness, she would decline the job offer. The thought of working for a dirt bag boss, makes her sick, but because she doesn't want to live in her car, she accepts.

Soon after starting her job, she notices that Michael's personality turns from mean to sweet. Why such a change? Is his kind old grandmother hiding a heart-pounding secret that could rock them both to the core?

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October 20, 2017
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