And All Is Made Whole Once Again

by Katherine Alley (Author)
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Im pregnant. The words hang suspended, and Annette Anderson feels like all the air is suddenly gone. Annette and her seventeen-year-old daughter, Issie, are about to embark on a compelling journey together through a controversial choice that will tear at the fabric of their relationship, expose Annettes childhood secrets and feelings of inadequacy as a mother, and help both realize that love has the capability to heal even the deepest wounds.

Everyone thinks Annette is taking a day off from work to relax and have fun, when in reality she is accompanying Issie to an appointment that will change their lives and their relationship. As both women navigate a challenging path of not just one but many complex decisions, traumatic memories rise to the surface; and Annette realizes she must reconcile her own past experiences in order to help Issie move forward through her own pain.

Life is about choicesand many choices have no clear answers. And All Is Made Whole Once Again is a poignant love story that illuminates the human experience, an emotional test, and the inner-strength of two women who mange to transform an all too common heartbreak into love.

Publication date
October 26, 2010
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