Owned by the Billionaire

Owned by the Billionaire

by J.l. Ryan (Author)
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Frantic after getting fired, curvy girl Marisa Jamison is relieved when she's offered the perfect job at a prestigious law firm. There, she meets a charismatic billionaire, Jeffrey Bradley.

There's only one problem...he's so arrogant that she wonders if the job is even worth it. 

Plus size Marisa knows that Jeffrey isn't interested in her "type," and would never give her a second look. She's always been self-conscious about her weight and has yet to find a guy who loves her for her voluptuous curves.

There's something about Marisa that Jeffrey can't resist, and he becomes obsessed with her. Big girls have never been his thing, but ever since they met, he craves her.

Is his unusual desire for Marisa simply the result of a workplace crush, or is he hiding a scandalous secret that could blow his cover as a respected legal eagle?

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April 07, 2018
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