Exploring Forensic Astrology

by B. D. Salerno (Author)
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Law enforcement often struggles to connect the dots to identify someone as a killer beyond a reasonable doubt.

Forensic astrology can serve a much-needed civic and legal functionit helps connect dots between the crime and the perpetrator.

The stars, after all, do not lie.

Real crime meets astrology in this revealing book that seeks to get to the bottom of who committed the crime and why. Join the author as she aims to answer questions such as:

Who murdered JonBenet Ramsey?

Did Bob Crane know his killer?

Was Natalie Woods death really an accident?

Did Robert Blake get away with murder?

Was Dr. Sam Sheppard guilty or innocent?

Did Lizzie Borden act alone?

Using techniques from ancient astrologers, author/astrologer B.D. Salerno analyzes these murder cases and more, sharing how forensic astrology can help us understand the nature of the crimes as well as identify the likely killers. An appendix includes information on the planets, their meanings, the zodiac signs, the essential dignities of the planets, degrees of danger, fixed stars, and more.

Get to the bottom of law enforcements greatest mysteries, and discover how reading the stars can solve crimes with Exploring Forensic Astrology.

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June 23, 2016
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