The Hebrew Messiah

The Glory and Triumph of Israel
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The Hebrew Messiah: The Glory and Triumph of Israel takes seriously the witness in the Tanakthe books of teaching, the prophets, and the writingsthat Judaism receives as its Scripture. It listens to that witness to discover the truth of the Hebrew Messiah. Drawing upon study inspired by an intense interest to explore and appreciate the riches of Judaism, Allan Russell Juriansz has poured his findings into this exploration of the crucial role of Ha-Mashiach, the Messiah, in the Tanaks works that span a millennium of Jewish life and reflection.

The exploration of The Hebrew Messiah begins by sketching out the contemporary scholarly climate in Judaism. Then it conducts a detailed survey of the witness to the Messiah in the Tanak, particularly in its prophetic writings. Next, it examines the place of this witness to the Hebrew Messiah in the life of modern Jewry. Finally, The Hebrew Messiah concludes by celebrating the good news that Ha-Mashiach is the glory and triumph of Israel.

The Hebrew Messiah: The Glory and Triumph of Israel will satisfy the curiosity of all who desire to know how intimately and extensively the witness to the Messiah is woven through the tapestry of the Tanak. It will speak to members of the modern Jewish community who desire to take a fresh look at the foundations of their faith. Finally, it will offer Christians the blueprint for their understanding of the Messiah available to them. He is the Hebrew Messiah, Israels glory and triumph.

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