A Rapid Reading Book for Fresh Electrical Engineering Graduates

by Chandra (Author)
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This book is intended for graduate engineers fresh out of collegesparticularly from the not-so-well-known engineering colleges across the world in developing and underdeveloped countrieson the lookout for jobs. It is important for them to cross the first hurdle, that is, go through the selection process. Interviewers often assess the width of the knowledge apart from the depth since a combination of the two is what is relevant in real life. This book does not target those who intend to migrate to non-core areas, such as software development, etc. This is essentially for those who love electrical engineering and would try and stick to that profession. This is not intended to be a textbook. It is meant for relaxed and easy reading. It merely skims the top to lead you into the depth. This has been deliberately so designed to be reasonably simple and brief so as not to overwhelm you with yet another book but at the same time be comprehensive enough to cover the vast field in which you are likely to work for the next forty years. Enjoy reading this, and do not stop after you finished reading. Explore further.

Publication date
April 16, 2014
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