Who Can I Turn to Now?

by James Rhoads (Author)
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Who Can I Turn to Now, tells the story of my life. I was a troubled child. I was raised by loving alcoholic parents. I was sent to Sunday School where I learned the books of the Bible, but I still always got into trouble.

I was sent to live with my grandparents on a farm where I finished High School on the Deans Honor Roll of Scholastic Students. I joined the air force and started drinking. I soon became an alcoholic like my parents.

I got married and had two children an this marriage ended after ten years, due to alcohol.

I got into trouble and went to prison twice. While in prision I found the answer to Who Can I Turn to Now. I have been out thirty years and married to the same wonderful woman twenty nine years. I believe if you really are at the bottom with your life, you can read Who Can I Turn to Now and find the answer.

Publication date
July 08, 2016
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