Deluxe Chimp

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Evidently, this book refers to Homo sapiens. The most successful species on earth today, also the worst plague that ever existed. We are stubbornly determined to grow without limit and destroy the planet in every conceivable way. Topics: climate change, overpopulation, evolution, actual and future dangers, limits to growth, etc., having science as the only probable salvation for the foretold coming worldwide catastrophe within this century. A reasonable way of stating a problem is also to present possible solutions. I propose an urgent and profound improvement of intelligence via a method of relation, a concept developed by the writer Luis Alberto Machado, the only assigned minister of intelligence development ever. I present a detailed description of a specific method of relation and proof of why this method might work to at least attenuate our coming global predicament. Science applied with improved intelligence and wisdom could still give the deluxe chimp a slim survival chance.

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August 30, 2014
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