by Brenda Turner (Author)
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This multi Award winning book; Bullying What are we really scared of? is a comprehensive educational guide to bullying. From the school yard through to the workplace, cyber bullying, domestic and family violence, even elder abuse, this book covers all areas of bullying.

Why you were chosen, why you responded the way you did, why no one would step in to help and how to stop it? Understanding bullying is crucial to defeating it, learning how the bullies think will tell you what tactics they use to help you can counter them to defeat the bully. With practice, you can stop the bullies before they start.

Winner of the Best Self Help Book for 2018 by the Pacific Book Awards. Finalist for Self-Help Books for 2019 by the Book Excellence Awards. Gold Award for Education/Reference for 2020 by the Elite Choice Book Awards. Silver Award for expertly delivering a thought provoking theme that is easy reading, fluent and powerful using appropriate language by Literary Titan 2020. Finalist for Education and Academic for its high quality writing for 2021 by the Book Excellence Awards.

This informative book challenges the current "system" response of victim blaming and punishment and lays the foundation for a successful way of dealing with bullies.

The author gives:

?Realistic, affordable and easy solutions to the bullying problem.
?Empowering victims to overcome their fears so they can stop the bullies easily.
?Aiding victims to diffuse bullying situations.
?Educating bystanders to understand their role in helping victims.
?Educating parents to understand the situation their child is in and how to help.
?Educating school staff how to help the victims instead of punishing them.
?Educating the Justice System to help victims of all forms of abuse.
?Educating governments and education departments on better policy and decision making.

Bullies are really not that scary when you understand them, in fact, they are easy to control when you know how. Put all bullies in their place today, order your copy of Bullying What are we really scared of?

Publication date
July 20, 2015
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