By Noble Things She Stands

by Carl Wells (Author)
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An important writer . . . or deservedly forgotten? Gwendoline Keats (pen name Zack) was born in a stately home just outside the small town of Northam, in Devon, in the western part of England in 1865. By 1896 she had begun publishing short stories which attracted considerable attention on both sides of the Atlantic. It was not unusual to see the word genius connected with her name. However, her writing career did not last long. The year 1903 marked the appearance of her fifth and final book. After that, silencefrom Zack, and from critics. She was quickly forgotten by the reading public. Most people who read books have never heard of her. By Noble Things She Stands contends that Gwendoline Keats/Zack is a writer of unique gifts, and one whose writing would be enjoyed by vast hordes of thoughtful readers.

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September 23, 2015
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