Vampire Tales: The Big Collection (80+ stories in one volume: The Viy, The Fate of Madame Cabanel, The Parasite, Good Lady Ducayne, Count Magnus, For the Blood Is the Life, Dracula’s Guest, The Broken Fang, Blood Lust, Four Wooden Stakes...)

by Leonid Andreyev (Author), Nikolai Gogol (Author), M. R. James (Author), E. F. Benson (Author), Ambrose Bierce (Author), Algernon Blackwood (Author), Walter De La Mare (Author), F. Marion Crawford (Author), Arthur Conan Doyle (Author), Robert E. Howard (Author), D. H. Lawrence (Author), H. P. Lovecraft (Author), Vernon Lee (Author), Guy de Maupassant (Author), Edith Nesbit (Author), Vincent O’Sullivan (Author), Edgar Allan Poe (Author), Clark Ashton Smith (Author), Bram Stoker (Author), H. G. Wells (Author), Edith Wharton (Author), Victor Roman (Author), Pu Songling (Author), Johann Ludwig Tieck (Author), John William Polidori (Author), Alexei Tolstoy (Author), Sabine Baring-Gould (Author), William Gilbert (Author), Jan Neruda (Author), A. B. Mitford (Author), Eliza Lynn Linton (Author), Phil Robinson (Author), Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (Author), Julian Hawthorne (Author), Mary Cholmondeley (Author), Anne Crawford (Author), Marsh Richard (Author), Eric Stenbock (Author), Mary E. Braddon (Author), Fred M. White (Author), H. B. Marriott-Watson (Author), Hume Nisbet (Author), F. G. Loring (Author), Augustus Hare (Author), Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (Author), Frank Norris (Author), Louise J. Strong (Author), Luigi Capuana (Author), Théophile Gaultier (Author), E. G. Swain (Author), Claude Askew (Author), Hanns Heinz Ewers (Author), Horacio Quiroga (Author), Ulric Daubeny (Author), Uel Key (Author), Dion Fortune (Author), Everil Worrell (Author), Robert Louis Stevenson (Author), Hesketh V. Pritchard (Author), Cynthia Asquith (Author)
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The "Vampire Tales" is the biggest, hungriest, undeadliest collection of vampire stories ever assembled. Dark, stormy, and delicious, once it sinks its teeth into you there's no escape.

Vampires! Whether imagined by Bram Stoker or Anne Rice, they are part of the human lexicon and as old as blood itself. They are your neighbors, your friends, and they are always lurking. Now we have compiled the darkest, the scariest, and by far the most evil collection of vampire stories ever, with over 80 stories, including the works of M. R. James and H. G. Wells, alongside E. F. Benson and Algernon Blackwood, not to mention Walter De La Mare and Robert E. Howard. The "Vampire Tales" will drive a stake through the heart of any other collection out there.

Other contributors include Arthur Conan Doyle, Richard Marsh, Ambrose Bierce, H. P. Lovecraft, John William Polidori, Clark Ashton Smith, Nikolai Gogol, and D. H. Lawrence.

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May 16, 2018
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