The Alliance Boxset Books 4-6

The Alliance Boxset Books 4-6

by S.E. Smith (Author)
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Years ago, Earth received its first visitors from space, and the planet was thrown into a panicked chaos. The Trivators came to bring Earth into the Alliance of Star Systems, but were forced to enforce order and protect the unprepared planet from the militant forces of other worlds. In the time since, not all of Earth's inhabitants stayed on Earth... Find out what happened to your favorite characters, and discover more about other worlds!

Challenging Saber: USA Today Bestseller! Saber fears he will never fully recover from his debilitating injury, and if he cannot protect his Amate, he knows he doesn’t deserve her. Taylor plans to show Saber that he is the man she wants, stubbornness and all, but when civil war erupts, she is trapped behind enemy lines.

Destin’s Hold: USA Today Bestseller! Destin will rebuild Chicago, even if it means working with another alien ambassador. The last one was indescribably corrupt, but this one, Sula, gets under his skin for a different reason. They will need to work together to stop an alien cartel, and unbeknownst to them, a battle is coming, bigger than anything they’ve yet seen...

Edge of Insanity: USA Today Bestseller! Dagger was rescued, but Edge was presumed dead…. A human woman caught on an alien world will do anything to get back to Earth, even if it means freeing a Trivator.

Internationally acclaimed author S.E. Smith presents a bundle of 3 action-packed stories to transport readers out of this world!

Main Content: 651(6x9) pages, 202,944 words

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December 04, 2018
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