Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

by Lucy Jenkins (Author)
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Learn how to think smarter and use critical thinking to your advantage. Intelligence is not just something you have or don't have. It can be practiced. You can become more intelligent if you want to. People who think more logically, don't follow the masses or the trends, but they think for themselves, comparing all kinds of criteria and connotations to each other, while assessing the validity and conclusions of those data. Being able to make up your own mind, not just based on emotions, but rather on clear connections and consequences, is a highly valualbe skill in this society. Learn more about:

  • What critical thinking is, how it is defined, and how it applies today.

  • How all of this applies to science and history.

  • Where philosophy and logical thinking skills came from.

  • Why being skeptical can actually help you.

  • How to choose for good things in life by assessing their value.

  • Reasons why you need to overcome egocentrism, emotional submission, and other tendencies we have as humans.

  • How to question things without being a smarty pants about it.

This book is great anyone who wishes to learn when to apply skepticism, emotions, and intelligent logic.

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July 30, 2019
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