Hail to the Fraud

Hail to the Fraud

by Various (Author), R. L. Saunders (Author)
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An Anthology of Imposters and Cheats, Fakes and Hoaxes, Politicians and False Elections...

It's very possible that the entertainment that people of this world want most is to enjoy a great deception.

And certainly in our current age, that's no exception.

Take this recent “pandemic” which has killed no more people than the average flu season.

Or the analysis of this recent contested election where votes (that were possibly fraudulent, and perhaps magically adjusted by computers) were “counted” during the wee hours the morning after the election, which can't/won't be verified by the officials who are supposed to verify them.

And those are all relegated as only “opinions” from people who are reputedly wearing tin-foil hats in their spare time and subscribing to the latest “conspiracy theory”.

Or – are they?

Only history will prove it out. But, as Voltaire said, “History is the Mississippi of Lies.”

However it is resolved, there undoubtedly will be yet another humbug, fraud, or quackery that is being foisted off on us. Because it's great entertainment.

(My favorite one was that cow flatulence was somehow warming the earth and melting the polar ice caps so that the ocean levels... Oh, we only had 14 years and times up on that one. And by the way, those gases come out from the other end, according to veterinarians. Belches.)

You can trace these things through our history. They just keep coming up. Like the books you find in this anthology.

I appreciate a good satire when I can find one. And I've written several myself.

So bringing this anthology to you was more a delightful hobby than work.

Hope you enjoy these classics.

Anthology containing:

  • The Humbugs of the World / An Account of Humbugs, Delusions, Impositions, Quackeries, Deceits and Deceivers Generally, in All Ages by P. T. Barnum

  • Famous Impostors by Bram Stoker

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December 19, 2020
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