Love in the Afternoon

Love in the Afternoon

by Claude Anet (Author)
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This daringly provocative novel about love caused a sensation when it was first published because of its outspoken observations about men’s and women’s most intimate relationship.

Here is the story of Ariane, a beautiful, innocent young girl, who falls passionately in love with a wealthy, sophisticated older man. Eager to win him, she boldly becomes his mistress but refuses him the satisfaction of knowing that he has taken her heart as well.

Taunting him with memories of the men in her past, carefully concealing her activities when they are apart, Ariane drives her lover to a jealous frenzy which brings their tempestuous affair to a sudden, dramatic climax.

This unusual and widely discussed novel, now a fascinating motion picture, was written by Claude Anet, noted French-Swiss novelist and playwright and author of Mayerling, as well as of many other famous works.

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January 01, 2021
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