Daddy's Accidental Harem

Daddy's Accidental Harem

by Alana Church (Author)
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It was almost an accident. But when Brian Corville took his daughter as his lover, he couldn't stop with one girl. With Shawna's willing help, other lovers joined. The sexy school girl - his daughter's best friend. The hot, horny schoolteacher. And then the slinky Asian businesswoman. They're all part of "Daddy's Accidental Harem!"

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"Shawna," I whispered in the dressing room a few minutes later. "I can't wear this!"

My best friend adjusted a stocking, looking at me over her shoulder. "Why not?"

I gestured at the mirror. "Look at this. Look at us! This is ridiculous! Even...even in a porno no one would believe it!"

She shook her head, her dark hair waving. "Of course it's ridiculous. But it's also perfect. Daddy has a...thing...about schoolgirls."

"Sounds like he has a lot of...things," I muttered under my breath.

"Well, can you blame him?" Shawna spun to face me. It would have been hilarious in any other circumstance, especially considering her outfit. The five-foot nothing cheerleader, with her sweet good looks and angelic face, reading me the riot act. "Daddy got tricked into a marriage which was a complete joke when he was barely older than we are now. He never got the chance to explore his kinks. The best he could do was watch porn, or fantasize about things he might like. So I'm just giving him a taste of what he's missed all these years."

"From what I can tell, you're giving him more than a taste."

"Well, yeah." She grinned naughtily as she skimmed out of her outfit. "Wow," she said, eyeing me. "All this has got me so damn horny I can't stand it. Good thing I've got a great man waiting for me at home."

"You suck," I said flatly.

"Only when he wants me to," she replied cheerfully. "But he likes screwing more than he likes getting a beej. Which is cool. Because I don't think giving head is all that much fun."

I stared off into space. "And that's when she started talking about blow jobs, your honor. So I choked her to death with a dildo."

Shawna stopped halfway through putting her jeans back on. "How would you do that?"

"I don't know. Shove it down your throat?"

"You could try. But I got mad deep-throating skills. Even though I don't use them that often."

I shook my head, carefully folding the outfit. Or trying to, at least, since I could have probably put the whole thing in a plastic baggie. "So do we have a plan?"

"I think so. You come over to my place after you get done at school on Wednesday. We'll hang out. And when it's time for Daddy to come home..." She trailed off suggestively, her lips curled in a happy smile. "Oh, Ari, I hope this works!" In one of her mercurial changes of mood, she gave me a hug, almost dancing in her excitement. "It would be awesome if we could pull this off."

"Just make sure you don't pull anything off before Wednesday, you horny perv," I said, opening the door to the dressing room. "I want your fa-" I cut myself off abruptly as I spotted Althea hovering nearby. "I want him to be in prime condition."

"Does everything fit?" the older woman asked with a professional smile. If she noticed my hasty correction, she gave no indication.

"It's perfect. But..."


I flushed, which was silly. "Do you think it's maybe...a little too much?"

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March 13, 2021
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