Group Surrender

Group Surrender

by Daisy Rose (Author)
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When Anna answers an innocuous ad for ‘Cuddle Companion’ she finds in the papers, the last thing she expects is a serious response to what she thought to be nothing but a joke.

Yet, she finds herself getting exactly that and wanders into the clutches of men completely out of her league who are willing to pay her exorbitant amount of money to just… cuddle.

That is, until they are ready to do a lot more.

She is suddenly lost in the throes of pleasure by men with years more of experience under their belts who want to corrupt her, ruin her innocence and take her in every way imaginable.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"Whu- what?" she starts again when she finds her voice.

"You applied to be my cuddling companion, didn't you?" he asks, like she's the one being unreasonable.

"Yes?" she says because this is kind of insane.

He hums and leans back into the seat, wrapping his arms around her and shifting her on his lap until she's straddling him. It feels seventy kinds of awkward and they're kind of rubbing body parts like this, but he doesn't seem to care about that at all, perfectly content with a hand on the small of her back and the other cradling the back of her head, pushing her in until she's resting her head between the nape of his neck where his head meets his body.

It's oddly comfortable. It's like cuddling with a massive bear. Except less mauling and licking. There's a good amount of sniffing, though. After the first fifteen minutes, she stops worrying about smelling like sweat and just relaxes into his grip, letting him hold her.

She finds out quickly that there's not much to do at her new job. Actually, there's nothing to do at all. The giant of man appears to be perfectly content just holding her in his lap while he goes about his evening, which is mostly just move a few books around, click through the channels on the ridiculously large tv with a sound system that's been turned down low, and then fiddle with some stuff on the computer. She thinks it's something to do with his work, like positions on the field and stuff, but when she reaches to reach out and figure things out, he grasps her by her wrists gently and puts them back on her lap.

"No touching, baby," he rumbles, his voice so deep and guttural that it makes her whole body vibrate pleasantly. She shivers and nods, learning back and pressing her cheek to his chest without thinking. She gave up being a ball of tension ten minutes in. Much easier to just let him do what he wants.

She's kind of stopped worrying about being turned into dinner too because he hasn't shown any indication that he's a giant creep. The job description did say 'Cuddle Companion'. She's the one who didn't think things through or do her research.

Part of her thinks that she will take the money she's owed for this session, and then tell him respectfully that this isn't for her. It's all just a big misunderstanding and she didn't really think there was such a thing as 'Cuddle Companion'.

For now, she's just going to let herself relax in his grip and let him get his money's worth.

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April 05, 2021
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