BAX 2020

by Seth Abramson (Author), Jesse Damiani (Author), Carmen Maria Machado (Editor), Joyelle McSweeney (Editor)
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BAX 2020, guest-edited by Joyelle McSweeney and Carmen Maria Machado, is the sixth edition of the critically acclaimed anthology series compiling an exciting mix of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and genre-defying work. Featuring a diverse roster of new and established authors?including Anne Boyer, Alice Notley, and Raquel Salas Rivera?BAX 2020 presents an expansive view of high-energy writing.

from Okazaki Fragments
        by Kanika Agrawal

These proceedings in nature
These proceedings in cold biology
These proceedings in chemical society
These proceedings in physical communication

We refer to the concentration of residues
We observe that one sediments
        faster than the other
We presume as fact that most of what we do
        is in growing incomplete
                short chains
We further support the conclusion
We indicate direction also
        by another method

We are grateful to Drs.

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November 06, 2020
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