Apache Devil

by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Author)
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Shoz-Dijiji, or Black Bear, kidnapped by the Apaches from his white pioneer family as an infant and raised by Geronimo, is now a brave and accomplished Apache War Chief. In addition to the skills of hunting and warfare he has learned to hate violently the pin-dah-lickoyee (?white eyes?) from witnessing their consistently wretched treatments of the Apaches?violation of treaties, forced imprisonment on reservations, and economic exploitation. Shoz-Dijiji is also embittered by bereavement over the death of a young Indian maiden he had loved. He becomes notorious as the blood thirsty Apache Devil, a daring and intrepid raider.

His adventures bring him together with Wichita Billings, a tough-minded white frontier girl, and they reluctantly fall in love, despite seeming culture and racial differences. But the main action of the novel is the final pursuit and surrender of Geronimos to General Miles.

Includes a new introduction by Darrell Schweitzer.

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Darrell Schweitzer (Introduction author)
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April 15, 2021
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