The Garden of Our Lives

by Gene Schultz (Author)
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Dad loves to garden, and at eighty-three years of age, he, along with mom, Bernice, maintain a property of thirteen acres; the house is surrounded with beautiful perennial gardens, overlooks a spring fed pond, and the woods beyond. Through last year, his vegetable gardens were enough to feed a small village. Gene's garden articles were inspired by his decades long participation in his parish's Stewardship Committee. Many of his articles, first written for the church's bulletin, are here for us in this collection.

Gene says, "From the onset of the relationship between God and humans, the setting is in a garden. In developing this involvement between us and Source through the Old Testament, the analogy of a garden is very beautiful and informative. Gardens imply growth. The growth of individuals physically, emotionally, and spiritually is never done in isolation. Rather, it necessarily entails relationships within community. A garden is expected to produce fruit. However, this end result is usually the product of much toil, interest, and concern. In other words, it's not automatic."

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April 13, 2021
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