Lad: A Dog

by Albert Payson Terhune (Author)
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First published serially in magazines beginning in 1915 and then as a complete novel in 1919, ?Lad: A Dog? is the beloved tale of the perfect dog by Albert Payson Terhune, the American journalist, dog breeder, and novelist. Lad, the central character of the tale, is a Rough Collie dog who lives with his Master, Mistress, and mate, Lady, at their home called the Place. Lad, who was based on Terhune?s real life pet Rough Collie, is a loyal and brave dog who saves people and animals alike, including his Lady and Mistress, from dangerous criminals and deadly disasters and mishaps. Lad is responsible, kind, and never runs from trouble, while earning the love and devotion of his human owners and all the other people and animals that he selflessly helps. Terhune weaves Lad?s daring rescues and acts of bravery in with his own personal views on parenting and proper dog training and handling. The result is a timeless tale of loyalty and companionship that became a bestseller soon after its publication. Terhune continued the adventures of Lad and his family in additional books and short stories which have entertained children and adults alike for generations.

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September 24, 2020
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