The Arts of the Sailor

by Hervey Garrett Smith (Author)
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In print continuously since it was first published in 1953, ?The Arts of the Sailor? by marine expert Hervey Garrett Smith is one of the finest compendium on the art and skill of rigging ever written. Smith, born in 1896 in Long Island, New York was a graduate of the Pratt Institute and was an artist and illustrator who provided illustrations for such publications as National Geographic and boating magazines. He also wrote several books on the traditional arts of the sailor, such as ?Boat Carpentry? and ?The Small Boat Sailor?s Bible?. In ?The Arts of the Sailor?, Smith turns his significant sailing experience and artistic talent to the practical skills and knowledge one needs to be a competent sailor. In conversational and charming prose, Smith explains how to tie all manner of knots, explains rope work, rigging, reefing, towing, maintaining a ship, and describes all the gear and features of the boat that the sailor must be familiar with. This indispensable manual is a must-own for all serious and casual sailors and is a fascinating addition to the library of anyone who enjoys the water and is curious about how to sail a boat.

Publication date
September 24, 2020
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