In Tune with the Infinite

by Ralph Waldo Trine (Author)
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First published in 1897, ?In Tune with the Infinite? is the widely acclaimed and highly influential self-help book by Ralph Waldo Trine, the American philosopher, teacher, author, and leader in the New Thought Movement. This is Trine?s most well-known work and inspired such notable figures as Queen Victoria, Janet Gaynor, and Henry Ford, who publicly attributed his business and financial success to the ideas he found in Trine?s book. Considered to be one of the best motivational books ever written, Trine gives readers practical advice on how to bring our thoughts and awareness in tune with the spiritual laws of the universe so that we might live in harmony with those laws and reap the benefits of this more positive way of thinking. Trine advises that we embrace an attitude of goodwill and kindness as he firmly believed that our internal attitude manifests into our daily reality. Millions of copies of Trine?s classic guide have been printed and it has been translated into dozens of languages. Over a hundred years after it was first published, people still find guidance and inspiration in Trine?s helpful and affirming advice for finding success in life.

Publication date
September 24, 2020
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