• THE MAN IN MILAN is a blockbuster debut international thriller that will appeal to readers of Daniel Silva, David Baldacci, and Steve Berry.
  • THE MAN IN MILAN takes a real life event--the crash of Itavia Flight 870--and uses it as the backdrop for an original and riveting thriller, along the lines of NIGHT FALL by Nelson DeMille.
  • The gladio, the shadowy underworld cabal featured in THE MAN IN MILAN, is also based on the real-life criminal organization.
  • We will publish THE MAN IN MILAN in the thick of summer, perfect for summer thriller reading lists and roundups.
  • As a debut novel, we expect THE MAN IN MILAN to garner significant review and publicity attention.
  • Vito Racanelli has written for a number of high profile organizations, including the Wall Street Journal and San Francisco Chronicle, and is a known expert on Italy. We will use his extensive contact list to promote THE MAN IN MILAN.

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    24 novembre 2020
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