Domestic Geese And Ducks - A Complete And Authentic Handbook And Guide For Breeders, Growers And Admirers Of Domestic Geese And Ducks

by Paul Ives (Author)
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This vintage text contains a complete handbook and guide for breeders, growers, and admirers of domestic geese and ducks. Much of the information contained herein is timeless, making this book of considerable value to modern poultry enthusiasts and a text not to be missed by collectors of antique literature of this ilk. The chapters of this book include: 'History, Habits, Tradition, and General Possibilities in Geese'; 'Breeds of Geese'; 'The Heavy-Weight Varieties'; 'The Medium-Weight Varieties'; 'Rare and Ornamental Varieties'; 'Selecting for Breeding'; 'Hatching and Rearing'; 'Fattening Geese'; 'Exhibiting Geese'; etcetera. This text was originally published in 1947, and is proudly republished now complete with a new introduction on poultry farming.

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March 22, 2021
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