Sleepless - Essays, Stories & Poetry Written by Famed Authors on Sleepless Nights & Insomnia

by Various (Author)
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Sleeplessness has long been a blessing and a curse for many a writer. Detrimental to health and concentration yet frequently a fantastic source of creativity, sleeplessness has been both topic and motivation for innumerable written works. This collection brings together notable poems, stories and essays connected to sleeplessness written by some of the most influential poets and writers to have ever existed, including Shakespeare, Wordsworth, H.G. Wells, Dickens, and others. Highly recommended for poetry lovers and night owls alike. Contents include: "Nightwalks by Charles Dickens", "The Hours of Sleep by Alice Meynall", "Insomnia by H.G. Wells", "On Sleep and Thought by A. G. Gardiner, ?Bells In the Rain, by Elinor Wylie?, ?Insomnia, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti?, ?The Sleepers, by Walt Whitman?, ?To Sleep, by William Wordsworth?, etc. Read & Co. is proud to present this fantastic collection of stories, essays and poems for the enjoyment of a new generation of readers.

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May 26, 2020
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