Yellow and Confused

Born in Taiwan, raised in South Africa, and making sense of it all
by Ming-Cheau Lin (Author)
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‘Strangers pulling their eyes slant at me when they walked by. They’d pretend to be Chinese and make fake nasal-pitched noises that they thought passed for an Asian language.’ Ming-Cheau Lin’s family emigrated from Tainan, Taiwan, to South Africa when she was three years old. Growing up in the '90s, in the largely Afrikaans Bloemfontein, within a small East Asian community, she was always the outsider. Too ‘yellow’ for the whites, but ‘not Asian enough’ when she didn’t conform to the rules of her first-generation Asian elders. Taiwanese or South African, good girl or rebel, creative or disappointment? Ming-Cheau, widely known for her passion for Taiwanese home cooking and popular cookbook, 'Just Add Rice', shares her personal journey as she tries to understand and rise above the hurdles she has experienced. 'Yellow and Confused' provides a colourful and engaging look into an authentic and uniquely South African life.

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August 25, 2019
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