Japan in 100 Words

Japan in 100 Words

From Anime to Zen: Discover the Essential Elements of Japan
by Civardi,Ornella (Author), Gavin Blair (Author), Ayano Otani (Illustrator)
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As its title suggests, this book captures the essence of Japanese life and culture in 100 words. From well-known concepts like zen, kawaii and anime to their lesser-known counterparts waiting to be discovered by the West, Japan in 100 Words covers it all.

Readers will learn more about:

  • Chochin--decorative lanterns seen everywhere from shrines and temples to izakaya
  • Fugu--the very carefully prepared delicacy of poisonous blowfish
  • J-pop--the now widely popular musical genre
  • Karoshi--literally translated as "overwork death"
  • Omiai--the Japanese version of an arranged marriage
  • And much more!

The beautiful full-color illustrations bring these ideas, places and objects to life--making it the perfect addition to any Japanophiles library or a fun and useful introductory guide for a first-time visitor to Japan.

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August 17, 2021
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