Balance of Power

Ramaphosa and the future of South Africa
by Qaanitah Hunter (Author)
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‘Ramaphosa’s election as president will define the near future of South Africa. His election was hailed as a "new dawn" in an explo­sion of optimism and euphoria about the prospects of this country. But can one man fix years of corruption and lawlessness by himself?’ Political journalist Qaanitah Hunter takes us right into the heart of Cyril Ramaphosa’s rise to the ANC presidency, and the political balancing act which he has had to maintain as president of the country. As a writer with a front-row seat, Hunter shares fresh insights into Jacob Zuma’s removal as president and Ramaphosa’s ascendency. Hunter reveals how this new information, gathered through personal observations, interviews with key people and anecdotes relayed to her, alters our understanding of the ANC. She takes us behind the scenes, and details Ramaphosa’s plans for South Africa, and his battles – both within the ANC and outside. Filled with high-stakes manoeuvring and political drama, this book seeks to contextualise what the current political climate could mean for both the ANC and the future of South Africa.

Publication date
November 11, 2019
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