The Journey

An Awakening
de Ricky LezAma (Auteur)
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During the early 1500s in the “New World”, Peter finds himself alone and lost in the jungle near death. During his most desperate moment, Peter is rescued by a wise native who takes him on a transformational journey where he learns new tools, knowledge, and wisdom to conquer the emotional pain and fear that he had been living with for so many years.

The Journey takes readers to the confines of new physical and spiritual worlds of wonder and wisdom. Traveling through the jungle, secret cities, and unknown kingdoms, Peter interacts with natives and nature and learns more about himself and the unlimited power of his mind. The Journey highlights the power and resilience of a man who dared to trust in his real self to freely flow and connect with the energy of the universe. A new beginning that will lead to joy, fulfillment, and the conquering of destructive forces in the largest battlefield of the world, our minds.

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2 juillet 2020
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