Aurora's Erotic Adventures

Aurora's Erotic Adventures

by Alana Church (Author)
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If JRR Tolkien had been a horny pervert, this is the sort of fantasy anthology he would have written! A human woman learns she is the lost Summer Queen, and embarks on a sexual odyssey. Can she navigate between sexy elves, horny orcs, lovely pixies, a deranged dwarf king, and her own explosive desires to find her happily-ever-after? Find out in "Aurora's Erotic Adventures!"

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"All right." Aurora's voice was a hoarse rasp, and she nodded, one quick bounce of her head. "What do do we do it?"

"Slowly," Rose said, her voice a purr. She walked slowly behind her, her sharp nails trailing along the skin of her arm in a way that made her shiver.

"Sweetly," Elanor said, stepping close. She was shorter than either Aurora or her lover, and her blue eyes were utterly devoid of artifice. Gentle hands clasped her hips, and Aurora shivered as she felt their warmth. "What does my lady desire?"

"I don't know."

"Then we shall discover it together." Her eyes darted aside for a moment. "My queen? If we could trouble you?"

"Stars and stones, where's my head at? Of course." Titania waved an arm, and a blanket large enough to cover a good-sized soccer field appeared on the ground, along with assorted pillows and cushions. "Do you think you will require...more?"

"No," Rose whispered from behind her. Her breath was hot and quick on her shoulders, and suddenly Aurora felt the warm press of her lips on her skin. "Bodies only, my queen. It is better thus." Fingers pressed against the neckline of her dress, and though she knew that there was neither buttons nor zipper nor seam, Aurora could feel the garment begin to part, warm air hitting her naked shoulder blades as Rose caressed her skin.

"Like milk," the pixie whispered, and kissed her again. And now, oh, and now she could feel her hot wet tongue pressing into the skin above her spine, kissing and licking all over. "Your skin. So pure. One could almost mistake you for a daughter of Winter." Lower and lower she roamed, dotting kisses on her back while she shook like a woman with a fever.

And then the dress was off, puddled around her waist. "Oh, my. I should have a bard visit. He would compose an ode to the curve of your arse alone, my queen." Her fingers explored, parting her cheeks, and she stiffened in shock as her tongue trialed down her cleft towards her anus.

"Rose." The word was a warning.


"Remember," Elanor said, her hands rising until they were a mere cat's-breath away from her breasts. Aurora ached with the desire to have the pixie touch them. "Our lady is young in the ways of love. Perhaps sticking your tongue in her arsehole can wait a few days?"

"But it's such a cute little arsehole," she pouted, kissing her butt-cheek instead. "Nice and pink."

That would be "Things I never expected to ever hear about my ass," for a thousand, Alex, Aurora thought.

"You should see her tits," Elanor went on, as if Rose hadn't spoken. Finally, to Aurora's relief, she cupped one in her hand. "Almost as big as an orc-woman's. But much less...greeny."

"Let me see!" In a flash, Rose had joined her lover. "Ooh, nice." Her eyes flickered to the side, meeting Elanor's in a glance which seemed to hold an entire conversation. "One for each of us."

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May 02, 2021
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