The Mark in Between

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Gloria Aphrodite was the sole heiress to Aphrodite Group of Companies, a multi-million-dollar business conglomerate. Gloria had it all; beauty, class, intelligence, wealth. But Gloria was also a victim, bedeviled with a sweet, itchy, erotic sensation that on moonlit nights claim total possession of her body, tearing her into shreds inside and out.All hell broke loose when working late one day, she was horribly assaulted in ways unimaginable, this time in the open, in the astonishing glare of a new executive. Devastated, and dying for answers, Gloria would go through the gates of hell or die trying... Enter Michael Peters, 28, handsome, intrepid, a disillusioned ex-pilot with troubles of his own. Mike finding himself thrown in the midst, leads a crack team through an impregnable jungle. His goal, to save Gloria but at what cost? The Mark In Between will take the reader through a world where pursuit of love and affection is chased by peril, and where terror and insanity rules with all pleasure...

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March 01, 2021
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