You Can't Judge A Cop by Its Cover

by Rodney LeMond (Author)
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Police work is not a glamorous career. It is about serving the community through dedication and devotion to duty, regardless of race or ethnic background, making numerous sacrifices along the way. Police officers come from all walks of life, male and female. You are about to learn that there is good and bad in law enforcement as there is in every profession. You will learn about the trials and tribunes that your police officers experience throughout their careers on a daily basis. You will see that the vast majority of cops are good and that the bad cops are weeded out, removed from police work, and punished just as they should be. This story is based on actual experiences and facts surrounding a seasoned law enforcement officer's career. You will read about the struggles that the officer encountered during his childhood, leading him to his chosen profession. You will also learn about how that same officer served the people and the country he so loved. So, before you are quick to believe the media, the administrators, and politicians that bash your police, know that you can't judge a cop by its cover.

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May 11, 2021
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