Who Murdered Diana?

by Stephen Ubaney (Author)
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To write this book more than 3,900 hours of investigation went into examining new evidence to answer the following five questions: Who hated the Princess? Who wanted her dead? Why did they want her dead? Who cooperated in the coverup? and who profited from the murder? To answer those questions the book also solves these riddles (and many others).

-Why did the American Secret Service have 1100 pages of transcription of Diana's phone conversations?
-Why did it take Diana's ambulance almost 2 hours to get her to a hospital 4 miles away?
-Why did the French police gather eyewitness testimony to the crash and then discard it?
-Why did they clean up the crash site so quickly after Diana was pronounced dead?
-Why was Mercedes Benz blocked (by both governments) from inspecting the car for defects?
-Why did the Mercedes kill its passengers at speeds lower than its crash test rating?
-Why has no one investigated the concrete pillar to officially determine the angle of impact?
-Who gave the order to break British law and wait from 1997 until 2007 to do an inquest?
-Why were all of the traffic cameras in and around the tunnel turned off the night of the crash?

If that wasn't enough to garner your interest in this book, ask yourself a simple, logical question. Have you ever been threatened for witnessing a car accident? To date, at least seven witnesses have either been assaulted or had had their lives threatened for witnessing Diana's fatal crash. Forget everything you have ever heard about Diana's death and prepare to be fascinated. This book will not disappoint you.

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May 12, 2021
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