Creative Play-Based DBT Activities for Children and Their Caregivers

by Kellie Giorgio Camelford (Author), Krystal Vaughn (Author), Erin Dugan (Author)

Children feel emotions in many ways. At times, the intensity of children’s emotions can create difficulties at school, home, and social settings, and obstruct children’s relationships with others in their lives. Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) has been proven as an evidence-based intervention for teenagers and adults with various mental health diagnoses that focuses on mindfulness, interpersonal relationships, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation. This helpful workbook guides clinicians to translate DBT principles through play therapy–informed activities for children and their caregivers. Supportive activities and techniques for use in the therapy room and at home with children are provided to assist children in managing their emotions and strengthening their relationships. Blending the facilitative powers of DBT and play therapy allows children to use the needed tools and techniques to process their internal conflicts. Utilizing these skills while combining the therapeutic powers of play allows children to better understand their world.

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June 14, 2021
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