Whole Grains and Health

by Rikard Landberg (Editor), Nathalie Scheers (Editor)
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The updated guide to whole grains and their integral role in nutritional health

In an increasingly health-conscious society, the potential benefits of whole grain products are of paramount importance to manufacturers, dieticians, and consumers alike. Whole Grains and Health covers all aspects of this crucial topic, presenting a data-driven study of whole grains’ functional components, associated biomarkers and overall impact upon human health. Now in its second edition, the text has been revised and expanded to include six new chapters and groundbreaking new data. This essential guide features:

  • Summaries of large research projects on the health effects of whole grain in Europe and the US
  • New data on the associations between whole grain consumption and risk of developing chronic diseases
  • Discussions of metabolomics and their use in addressing health effects and finding new biomarkers of both dietary exposure and health effects related to the diet
  • Information on the use of genomics in studies of how gene-expression profiles change in response to whole grain intake
  • Newly identified bioactive compounds in whole grains and whole grain fractions
  • The new EU regulations on health claims that affect whole grain food products

Providing information that will be of interest to food scientists, healthcare specialists and food industry professionals alike, the second edition of Whole Grains and Health is an essential resource for anyone concerned with the impact whole grains may have upon health.

Publication date
May 19, 2021
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