Sword's Edge

by Spencer,Kyle (Author)
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Do wrongful actions make a good man evil? Does a single redeeming act make the wicked righteous? Is there truly right and wrong?

These are but some of the plights that burden the people of Greensdol-from a hero mercenary to a simple tavern maiden to the king himself. Struggle and turmoil plague the recovering country. From the assassination of a lord of the state to a rebellion in the south to the return of an invading force, Greensdol begins to face its darkest days yet. At the center of it all is a mercenary whose memories are fragmented and a tavern maiden who has yet to realize her importance.

Love, hate, death, and war hover over the people of Greensdol. How will they overcome these trials? Adventure and mystery await at Sword's Edge.

Publication date
June 02, 2021
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