by Alex Andor Skanavis (Author)
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Arkania is an odyssey of limitless proportions: a spirit quest dedicated to dreamers and pioneers alike. Using the forgotten art of epic poetry, Arkania chronicles the adventures of a young visionary, who becomes initiated in an otherworldly academy of dreamers known as The Astral Alliance. Her increasing abilities, however, threaten the source of dark energies operating light-years away across the Spiral Arm—where Arcturus, her unfulfilled hero awaits. As the struggle between the corruption and salvation of both worlds unfolds, new destructive energies consume each slumbering world. The floating glass fortress of the Astral Alliance—and Arkania—become civilizations’ final safeguard against apocalyptic forces. Classical in style, yet futuristic in scope, this work explores the powers of unlocking imagination, the mystery of the subconscious mind, astral traveling, and the mysterious effect that dreaming has upon our waking world.

Publication date
June 10, 2021
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