A Leader's Guide to Reading and Writing in a PLC at Work®, Elementary

by Kathy Tuchman Glass (Author), Karen Power (Author), Mark Onuscheck (Editor), Jeanne Spiller (Editor)

Confidently lead preK-5 literacy improvement in your professional learning community (PLC). Aligned to the Every Teacher Is a Literacy Teacher series, this results-focused guide outlines how to take urgent action to address deficiencies and increase literacy rates. Learn how to bring a new level of focus to your teacher teams and help them do the important daily work of ensuring every student successfully reads and writes at or beyond grade level.

  • Understand the importance and goals of literacy-focused instruction in an elementary setting.

  • Gain specific suggestions for four types of leaders: (1) district, (2) school, (3) coach, and (4) teacher.

  • Help collaborative teams emphasize literacy knowledge and reading and writing skills in a curriculum's essential standards.

  • Create effective data-inquiry practices that inform team decision-making for those who require additional support or extension.

  • Facilitate high-quality literacy instruction using the gradual release of responsibility framework.

  • Develop equity in literacy instructional strategies to ensure growth and development for all.


Introduction: Leaders of Literacy

Chapter 1: Establish Clarity About Student Learning Expectations

Chapter 2: Examine Assessment Options for Literacy

Chapter 3: Create a Learning Progression to Guide Instruction and Assessment

Chapter 4: Develop Collective Understanding of Learning Expectations

Chapter 5: Respond to Student Data to Ensure All Students Learn

Chapter 6: Design Lessons Using the Gradual Release of Responsibility Instructional Framework

Chapter 7: Plan for High-Quality Instruction in Literacy

Chapter 8: Select Appropriate Instructional Strategies

Chapter 9: Consider Equity in Literacy


Appendix A: Reference Points, Templates, and Tools

Appendix B: List of Figures and Tables

References and Resources


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June 18, 2021
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