Beauty Conquers The Bureaucrat

Beauty Conquers The Bureaucrat

by Jeff DeLuna (Author)


A rule-following government office manager becomes smitten with one of his young hires, but resists her charms out of respect for his position and his agency. One day she confesses her love for him and he loses all his self-control. He engulfs her in all the pent up lust and passion he has held back for years and lets her take emotional and physical control of him.


Thank God she hadn’t run away! I led her up to our room, closed the door as fast as I could, wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her. I had dreamed about this moment so many times I couldn’t possibly get it wrong. I didn’t. I kissed her on the mouth and managed to get a perfect French kiss started. I squeezed her so hard I knew it must have hurt her, but she didn’t complain. Eventually I told her to put her hands up over her head. Then I lifted that damned blue-and-white shirt off her. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pushed her over to the bed and threw her down onto her back. I dove down beside her and began kissing her. What a woman! She was even more to me than I had ever imagined. I wasn’t just crazy for her; I was consumed by her. It was about to get even better.

Cassie pushed her pelvis up into the air so she could pull her jeans and panties off. I moved toward her so I could start to consume her. But she quickly said, “No, I want to be first.” I didn’t quite know what that meant. She pushed me onto my back and unbuckled and unzipped my pants. She stripped me to where all I had on were my socks. She then crawled so she could hover over me and let that gorgeous long blond hair brush against my abdomen.

I can’t describe it. It was the best one of my life. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hold back. She backed away, looked into my eves for the longest time just to tease me. Then she stuck out her tongue and “Any complaints?” she laughingly asked.

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June 18, 2021
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